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Frequency (HZ): 50-60

Voltage(V): 220/240

Power(KW): 2.0

Brewing Pressure: 9-15bar

Boiler Capacity: 6L

Net Weight: 30kg

Gross Weight: 33kg

Dimension (cm): 47.8 * 50 * 45.8

Package: 58 * 47 * 60



1. Press the On/Off button under the bottom panel, at the upper left corner to "ON" .

The display indicator is on, and the pump starts to inject water into the boiler. The external brewing group has a

15-second cleaning function. Due to the pump's operation, there will be a slight pumping sound.

When the water level of the boiler reaches the preset value, The pump will automatically stop working, the pumping sound disappears, the water sucking time is about 250 seconds, the heating tube starts to work, and the water in the boiler starts to heat up.

When the water temperature of the boiler reaches the preset value (ex. the display shows 90°C), the heating tube will automatically stop working, and the machine can be used normally.


2. When first using it, there may be very little dust in the boiler and the water inlet pipe. Allow the machine to work 0.5 hours in advance and use the continuous water discharge function with the steam valve several times to ensure the sanitation and safety of the water quality quality.


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