Fresco Electric Conical 64mm Steel Burr Coffee Bean Grinder


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Product name: Fresco electric control quantitative grinder

Body material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Cutter brand: Imported from Italy (Italmill)

Product Color: white, black

Disc Diameter: 64mm

Bean Bin Capacity: 225g

Revolutions per minute (RPM): 1450

Watt: 250W

Weight: 7kg

Size in mm: L190*W120*H420mm

How to use?

1. Put the coffee beans into the bean bin and open the bean bin door.

2. Plug in the power cord, press the turn on the power machine

3. On screens, touch any one of single cup/double cup/manual mode.

The product will start the grinding function;

4. After grinding the beans, press the feed switch to turn off the machine.

Unauthorized modification of this product is prohibited.

*It is forbidden to place this product near a fire source.

*It is forbidden to wash the exterior and interior of the product with water.

*Do not use this product outdoors or under direct sunlight.

* Do not grind crops other than coffee beans.

* Do not let children operate, touch, or climb this product.

* Do not squeeze, pull, knot, damage the power cord;

* If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer in order to avoid the risk of electric shock or by a professional after-sales maintenance service.


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    Coffee MachineFresco Electric Conical 64mm Steel Burr Coffee Bean Grinder