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How to get RM5.00 Referral Coupons from Fresco’s to spend



Register an account at My Account’ page, you will automatically get RM5.00 (could be use for the next product purchase)



Share your referral code with your friends.



Your friend will get RM5.00 Referral Coupon after register.



After your friend makes the first purchase with us, you will get another RM3.00 Referral Coupon into your account.



This Referral Coupon RM (Ringgit Malaysia) can be use in your next purchase in our system, you can use as many coupon as possible for each purchase, maximum Referral Coupon value could be use for each purchase is RM30.

Have Questions?

You may contact us if you have more question about our Referral Program.

Web Dropship Affiliate

Come and Join Us! Fresco’s Dropship wanted
You send us Business; we give you money



Register an account at as an affiliate seller, you will get your specific affiliate link and marketing materials.



Promote your affiliate link to any of customers to make sales and you get paid a commission. We will provide materials such as posters, fb/ig posts according to the products you sell. You can also copy any of picture and detail from our web site.

Term of joining:

  • For existing Fresco’s Buyer (who already purchase machine from our system) are welcome to join
  • Traditional F&B Machinery shop are welcome to join us
  • Youtuber, Social Media Expert are welcome to join

Frequently Asked Question

How to promote your affiliate link?

You can promote FrescoMy through search engines, postings in social media such as FB, IG, Tik TOK…. Or simply email to all your friends. All you need to do is to send a visitor to our website via your affiliate link and if he or she buy any of our Machines, you will get paid.

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

FrescoMy Affiliate Program uses a cookies (6 months cookies) to keep track of your affiliate links when your visitors purchase machine via your affiliate link.


Can I refer myself?

You will Not receive credit for referring yourself to FrescoMy.

How do I set up an affiliate account?

Setting up an affiliate account is easy. All you need to do is fill out the Signup Form and click submit. After a review from our management, you will receive an approval email from us if your application has been approved by us.

How’ll the commission be made?

All commission will be paid via bank transfer.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid after 30 days of the sales.

Simple Steps for Signup Form:
  1. Fill up the Signup Form at Affiliates Account and submit (subject to Management approval)
  2. You will receive an approval email from Fresco’s Malaysia
  3. Log in to your affiliate panel and choose from various banners, text links and other promotional materials
  4. Place some of these banners or share the text link on your website, FB, IG and any of the social media
  5. Receive commissions from every machine sale
  1. 4% commission from Machinery
  2. No commission given to Raw material such as premix flour, oil, due to our profit margin is low.

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