Commercial Soya Bean Machine Single Tank Mesin Proses Soya 25L


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Commercial Soya Bean Machine Single Tank

20 Liter

Model : FET20L

Weight : 11Kg

Size : 30 x 30 x 72cm

25 Liter

Model : FET25L

Weight : 12Kg

Size : 30 x 30 x 79cm

Fresco Soya Milk Machine Electric

• Overview Fresco Automatic Soya Milk Machine Electric is a newly launched

commercial soymilk machine, which has the characteristics of safety, reliability,

convenient operation, time saving, and the ability to make special soymilk drinks.

This soymilk machine adopts automatic intelligent pulping, which greatly improves

the efficiency and quality of pulping. This Soya Bean Machine can be used at

breakfast shops, bakeries, soybean milk shops, hotels, restaurant chains, school

canteen and so on. The operation of Automatic Soya Milk Machine Electric is very

simple and convenient. You only need to add an appropriate amount of water and

ingredients and activate the corresponding function keys, and the machine can

automatically make high-quality soya milk and drink them directly.

Function Key Operation Steps:

• Soybean: press the soybean button →start making soymilk.

• Mung Bean: press the mung bean button →start making mung bean paste.

• Corn Juice: press the corn juice button →start making fresh corn juice.

• Boiling Water: press the boil water button →start boiling water

• Reset: after pressing the reset button, the device will restart (if there is no special

situation during the normal operation of the device, please do not press the reset


• Keep Warm: after pressing the keep warm button, the soybean machine enters heat

preservation working state.

• Stir: press the stirring button, the motor rotates at high speed (please cover the lid

when stirring)

• Reserve: press the reserve button (accumulate 30 minutes each time you press it)

→function (soymilk/mung bean paste/corn juice); the device enters the reservation

working state, and when the reservation time is up, the device starts to make drinks.

For all the above function buttons, first put the water and ingredients into the bucket (put the

ingredients into the filter), cover and fasten the lid; turn on the power and then press the

function button, when the device will emit a “Beep…. Beep…Beep” means the drinks is

ready. If you choose the wrong function during operation, press, and hold the “Reset” button

for 2 seconds to cancel, and then re-select.


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